08/01/15 \\We finally have an official release date!4 More DaysUntil the Release! (1)


Update 7/21/15 // We have decided to use a promoter, and he is currently mastering the tracks for radio! It shouldn’t be much longer until the official release! Thanks for your patience.

Once upon a time, I posted videos of me covering my favorite songs on Youtube. I did this pretty much every week, and I loved it. It’s embarrassing to look at them now; I started at 14 or 15 and was basically as awkward as they come.

But people enjoyed listening and supporting me and it grew into a thing.

As I got better at making music, I started writing my own songs.

And now — my CD will be on iTunes soon!

anna hallowed cover

This CD is composed of songs that I wrote last summer while I was working in a refugee town near Atlanta, GA, with the exception of one of the songs, which I wrote the summer before that while I was working in a chemistry lab and taking some classes.

It’s a worship CD, with most of the songs inspired by the psalms in some way or another! I wrote them while I was laying on my bed, haha.

I will post updates here on She is Joyful, and I will keep this page fresh to keep you in the loop! But I’m really excited for what’s to come!

Can’t wait to share my music with y’all.